chilis and spices ... hot! Posted by Hello

view into internal courtyards from the street Posted by Hello

a quiet street in the Old City; houses are made from brick, mud and straw Posted by Hello

"A Good Family LIves Here" -- house ID. Note Arabic and Chinese Posted by Hello

house/shops in Old CIty in Kashgar Posted by Hello

roof designs Posted by Hello

lotos designs on pillars Posted by Hello

wood block design on pillar (with my finger in the picture) Posted by Hello

pillars Posted by Hello

additional pillar designs Posted by Hello

designs on wooden pillars Posted by Hello

main entrance of this mosque but I don't think the inside is used Posted by Hello

place where an Immam sits to deliver sermons during Friday prayers; still in use Posted by Hello

Chinese "graffiti" Posted by Hello

outside mosque area where people still pray daily and on Fridays Posted by Hello

Jane and our fabulous guide on walkway to anothr building in complex Posted by Hello

more "word soup" that amused us: no spitting and rubbishing Posted by Hello

story of the Fragrant Concubine Tomb and the Islamic family that is interred there Posted by Hello

tiles on pillar Posted by Hello

beautiful roses planted in garden outside Fragrant Concubine tomb Posted by Hello

green tile work on side of actual tomb building Posted by Hello

large minaret Posted by Hello

roof details of building in the mausoleum complex Posted by Hello

entrance to the Fragrant Concubine mausoleum area; only foreigners pay an entrance fee Posted by Hello

Tomb of Fragrant Concubine and her family members

beautiful tiles! Posted by Hello